New Toyota Estima 140A Alternator

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  1. Housing
    Re-tapped to OE standards and damage-checked for heat warping, corrosion, or improper surface alignment.
  2. Stator
    Insulation tested to 600 volts.
  3. Rotor
    Performance and insulation tested to 600 volts.
  4. Bearing 100% tested to OE standards and repacked with OEM grade lubricant.
  5. Slip Ring
    re-machined to an average of 8 microns (20 micron run-out maximum).
  6. Voltage Regulator
    100% voltage tested to OE standards.
  7. Rectifier Performance tested to 300 volts.
  8. Hardware
    100% stripped and replated.


  • Premium cores and precise OE assembly benchmarks
  • Designed to meet grueling heat and electrical requirements
  • First Time Fit provides perfect mounting with no belt/pulley alignment issues


  • Service professionals preferred DENSO’s alternators for a trouble-free solution
  • OE-quality fit, appearance, and durability
  • Full compatibility with sensitive electronics systems
  • Compact and lightweight design